On November 26, 2014, on the lawn on the west side of the China Art Museum Square, Geprge Wong, Chairman of  Parkview Green and collector, together with Wu Weishan, curator of the National Art Museum of China, unveiled the red silk for the two sculptures. Lee 's sculpture "Farming Shepherd human head" and "San Sebastian" reveal the true capacity, the scene sounded a round of applause. China Art Museum International Masters Collection series added two treasures.

Vice President of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Director of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Yu Junjian, Deputy Director of China National Art Museum, Vice President of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Director of the National Museum of China, Lu Changhua; Zhang Zikang, Xie Xiaofan, Hu Wei and Anyuan Yuan attended the donation ceremony.

        Mr. Wu Jianwei, Director of the National Art Museum of China, presented a donation certificate and a letter of appointment to Mr.George Wong, a donator of sculpture to Dali, and employed Mr. George Wong as the international development consultant of the National Art Museum of China.

       Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was the most prestigious master surrealist of the 20th century. He not only created a large number of paintings with surrealist style, but also dabbled in art, such as prints and sculptures. The donation of two sculptures created in the 20th century, 70's, showing Dali from the surrealist style into the "classic period", the religious myths of concern.

         Fauno Hombre Cabeza Cuernos was created by Dali in 1973. Shaped is the image of the Roman mythology, animal husbandry. The god of the gods is the same as Pan God in the ancient Greek mythology. He appears in the image of a half man and half sheep. He is responsible for the shepherds, hunters, farmers and people who live in the countryside. The animal husbandry in the artistic creation is often portrayed as the image of Shen Huan in the afternoon, or wine, or dance, and gradually get rid of "half sheep" animal and more human emotional characteristics. This is also the sculpture "farm animal husbandry God head" in the reflected particularly prominent. Dali seized the typical features of the animal husbandry, symbolic way to the state of animal husbandry when drunk a little drunk concentrated expression in the head image. The eyes of the animal husbandry opened his eyes as if to see the joy of things and cheering, joyful mood around his face, filled with the expression of hair and beard together with Yue move, such as flame-like infection with the viewer, people forget He had a ugly sheep-shaped features. Obviously, Dali in such a deformed image gives the human compassion, reflects his interpretation of the unique perspective of religious themes, physical changes also reflect the surrealist style traces.

         Sculpture "Saint Sebastian" (Saint Sebastian) is Dali completed in 1974. Catholic Saint Saint Sebastian has a handsome appearance, is the artist is willing to show the object. He was in the difficult period of the Roman Empire Emperor Di Kerry first ordered the arrows shot, but the miracle of the arrow and did not kill him, this legendary experience made him one of the most familiar saints. Dali's work also shapes the image of San Sebastian being tied up with arrows, but by virtue of the special expression of the sculpture, Dali through this sculpture shaped an "anti-elegance" Sebastian, the body leaning back, his hands folded, his distorted posture brought visual instability, 6 arrows straight into his mottled body, blurred expression to pain amplification, full of martyrdom. But Dali's implication in showing harm is an emphasis on the idea of "Do not hurt," which reflects Dalí's modernist interpretation of traditional religious themes in his "classic period."

Mr. Wusaid that the donation of George Wong has not only filled the blank of Dali'sart works in the China Art Museum, but also played an important role incross-cultural research and communication between the three places andoverseas.


        GeorgeWong is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Qiaofu Group. He loves collection, morethan twenty years, the collection includes in different periods of the West,different styles, different categories of diverse art treasures, especially thecollection of Dali favorite collection of works, but also very concerned aboutChinese contemporary art, possession of works include Zhang Xiaogang, ZengFanzhi and many other famous Chinese contemporary art masterpiece. Mr. HuangJianhua is a well-known patriot, he not only often put the collection in thepublic space, to more people to enjoy the beauty, more generous donations, tothe Nanjing Art Institute, the Chinese National Museum and many other unitsdonated art works.


        ChinaArt Museum will let the two pieces of Daly's works displayed in the Museum Square outdoor lawn, for more audience appreciation, to play a greater value and role.