The Parkview Museum·Beijing

The Parkview Museum·Beijing was built in August 2012. Previously the Parkview Green Exhibition Hall, the museum officially changed its name in October 2016. This is a private, non-profit museum founded by Parkview Group Chairman George Wong. The museum is situated on the edge of Beijing's core business district and covers an area of 4,000square meters, including two large exhibition halls, a lecture hall with a capacity of over one hundred, and various other facilities.


The entire museum utilizes environ mentally-friendly building materials such as ETFE filmroofing, an integrated climate control system, and maximized natural lighting, placing it at the forefront of environ mental technology and design. The facility's indoor air quality is measured at a MERV rating of 11, the highest possible rating for a mixed use building. This museum, built with leading environ mental technology, has become a green oasis of art at the center of Beijing.


The Parkview Museum·Beijing puts people first in a program that combines contemporary art exhibitions, research and public education, actively promotes and participates in the development and research of Chinese and international art, and strives to foster positive interactions between Chinese and international artists, art institutions and audiences. A platform for the exploration of the beauty of the world, the trans mission of respect and love for life, and for self-perfection and spiritual joy, The Parkview Museum·Beijing looks forward to expanding horizons with diverse and ground breaking artistic exchanges, while infusing China's rich culture with new vitality.



Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday, 10:00–19:00

Open onlyduring exhibitions, see exhibition announcements for details



phone : 86-10-5662 8568

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address : 10F, Tower D, Parkview Green, 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing