The Parkview Museum Beijing is currently exhibiting Intriguing Uncertainties, a contemporary art exhibition featuring more than 200 works by 40 artists from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The exhibition is aimed at exploring the possible authentic narratives in contemporary art which reflect the contradictory complexity of our existence as well as the intriguing perspectives of intellectual orientation and emotional empathy.

Art Education Program for Children

Fun! Together with Museum — Little Interpreter

During the exhibition period, The Parkview Museum will launch a series of activities with the aim to provide professional insights about our exhibitions and at the same time to enhance the public appreciation and knowledge of contemporary art with a multi- disciplinary approach. To cherish aesthetic diversity and to include children in the cross- disciplinary activities are among the most important goals of the museum. Therefore, The Parkview Museum is honored to organize the “Little Interpreter” art education event, during the upcoming period of the Children's Day. We hope to stimulate children’s independent thinking while providing them the opportunity to have a close contact with the works of art.

For the “Little Interpreter” event, we invite children aged 9 to 12 from Fangcaodi International Primary School to play the role of special museum’s art guides in order to give them the opportunity to explain the works presented in the current exhibition according to their own view and understanding. As suggested by the title of the exhibition, Intriguing Uncertainties, the interpretation of art will never be unique: artists’ original intention behind the creation of their works is to convey messages while encouraging different interpretations from the viewers. While the adults have a more structured mind- set determined by their education and their professional experience, children have a vivid imagination and a free phantasy: in their naïve approach, they often come up with philosophical intuitions. We expect the participant children to bring unique perspectives to the audience; at the same time children will also have the opportunity to express and present their personal thoughts to the audience, while establishing a magical connection between the works and the public, through different interpretation and understanding of the works of art.


Time: 16:00—17:00, 2019.06.02

Venue: The Parkview Museum Beijing (L10, D Tower, Parkview Green)

Eligibility: Children aged 9 to 12 from Fangcaodi International Primary School

Contents: Children as art guides to interpret art works from their perspectives

Language: Chinese Only

The Parkview Museum Beijing will continuously hold art education events for children, please follow the official WeChat account 芳草地艺术 for more information.