The Parkview Museum Beijing is currently exhibiting THE ARTIST'S VOICE right now. The exhibition features more than 40 artworks by 29 artists from 17 countries. The artists, through their works, share their reflections about life, fate, hope, love, history and mythology as well as the meaning of existence, guiding us into more reflection about our being in contemporary society from different perspectives.



During the exhibition period for THE ARTIST'S VOICE, The Parkview Museum Beijing will organize a series of interesting public education events. In the summer time filled with greenery and family fun, the museum offers ART EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN: FUN! TOGETHER WITH MUSEUM — LISTEN TO THE ARTIST'S VOICEThe PART 1 which is programmed for children aged 6~9 successfully wrap up on 19 May and 9 June 2018. The last session of PART 1 will be arranged at 7 July, we welcome parents to bring little children for a fun artistic time. 

Let’s also looking forward to the [PART 2] which is on 28 July for children of 9-11.

During the event, our researcher will take the children to a customized guided tour where parents and children can observe and discover THE ARTIST'S VOICE exhibition and learn to listen to the voice from artists with their eyes and hearts.

After the guidance, there is also Jigsaw Puzzle of Art Works for the children to reflect to the exhibition while stimulating their observation and patience. Children who win the game will receive a special gift. 

How to Join?

Event Information】

-Time:  7 July 2018 (Saturday), 11:00am – 12:00pm

-Report to: Front desk of The Parkview Museum Beijing(L10, D Tower, Parkview Green)

-Eligibility: Children at the age from 6 to 9 (must be accompanied by adults)

-Number of participants: Maximum of 20

-Language: Chinese only


-1. Brief introduction on museum etiquette

-2. Guidance of THE ARTIST'S VOICE for children

-3. Jigsaw puzzle of artworks

-4. Gifts

【To Register】

-Free admission, please make advance reservations by following these steps: 

-1. Follow the Parkview Museum Beijing official Wechat account: 芳草地艺术

-2. Leave your information before 20:00pm, 5 July (Thursday) : Fun! Together with Museum + contactor + phone number + email address +children's age

-3. Stay tuned for phone call alert to confirm your reservation.

-Only limited openings are available, so register now!

-Let's "Fun! Together with Museum”!