On June 11, the last day of the Dragon BoatFestival, Shijingshan District, Yamen Village, Shuren primary school’s studentscame to Parkview Green, small partners are classmates from the future of theSunshine Foundation for Art Education in the school opened the"Enlightenment of Love"Children photography class. Foundation ArtEducation Charity Project has been actively supported by Parkview Green Exhibition,both for the future of the sun "love Enlightenment" Children'sPhotography Exhibition to provide space for the exhibition, but also for thesechildren carefully arranged exhibitions and art works to visit the activities. Thestudents visited Sharks and Humanity, Outlet - Huaqing Solo Exhibition and Transition-ZhengLu Solo Exhibition, and actively photographed their favorite art works with thecamera.

This new mode of cross-border cooperationwith public, art and commerce brings innovative and personalized atmosphere tothe urban public space, satisfies the multi-level needs of the public, givescommercial value to the society, To the public to participate in thepossibility of multi-party resources to form a short-term participation in thelong-term operation and maintenance of innovative ideas, but also is drivingthe city's transformation.