On July 25, Parkview Green Museum will beheld " The Night of Parkview Green Museum", the event around the newexhibition was just opened last week,  "CHALLENGING BEAUTY-Insight of ItalianContemporary Art" , Which will be dedicated to the audience together"art and music" of the Italian cultural experience.


            Part 1 The Canon

Musician introduction

Lena Yokoyama (violin)

Alessandro Copia (Cello)

Diego Maccagnola (piano)

Maccagnola (piano) Three young musicians from different countries gathered for the friendship and love of music. In the Parma trio (Ivan Rabaglia, Enrico Bronzi, Alberto Miodini) under the guidance of sincere cooperation. Trio has performed in important concert halls in Italy and abroad. Musicians have studied at the Siano Music Institute in Siena, Italy, and in the best colleges in the UK, Norway and Austria. In February 2015 the trio as the "resident orchestra" was invited to participate in the British Aldeburgh Festival, in the concert will be played in the spring concert Zhu Bili column. In the same year, in the twenty-first session of the Giulio Rossi Pisi West Chamber Music National Competition, won the most popular award; in the twenty-second Brahms international music competition won the jury special award, in Prague - Vienna - Winner of the Haydn Academy Award at the Budapest International Summer Institute Competition. For the "Amadeus" magazine recording Beethoven album.

Performance Tracks

1, Joseph Haydn (1739-1809) of the "C Major Piano Trio Hob: 27"

2, Francisco Ciali (1958) "violin, cello, piano trio works on the 3rd"

3, Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) "G minor violin, cello, piano trio"

Time: July 25 (Mon) 19: 30-20: 30

Venue: Hall C, Parkview Green Museum

Free activities, limited seats, filled upso far, 19:00 began to attend, 15 minutes after the show began to stopadmission.

           Part 2 Night View

On the day of the activity of "The night of the Parkview Green Museum", the museum will be open until 9:30 pm. For the busy work of art enthusiasts during the day prepared to watch the exhibition at night time.

Parkview Green Museum is exhibiting "Challenging Beauty - Insight of Italian Contemporary Art," which is unique in its reflection of the complex,fascinating and eclectic Intalian artistic practices from the 1960s to the present.

The exhibition not only provides a unique perspective for the contemporary creation of all the fields of art practice, but also takes into account the geographical features of each artistic movement: from the experiments of the "poor art" and the complete return to the avant-garde idealism, From the highly intellectual art form of "Neo-Roman School" (also called "the last generation") aesthetics, to the younger generation in the last twenty years, and in the past twenty years, The artist ironically deconstructed the art language of the past. The former is based on the reinterpretation of cultural metaphor and style, while the latter uses the subversive and provocative artistic language to present the different environments and anthropological situations in the contemporary society in an induced, critical and mysterious way.