January 30, 2016, China and South Korea Tomatoes Bilingual Kindergarten teachers lead the children came to the Parkview Green, the staff first visited the children, led by the artists Kang Hyung koo to Parkview Green up to six customized meters of a huge oil painting "Guan Yu", the children of this ambitious production paintings and ultra-realistic level repeatedly praised; then came the second leg of the event public exhibition project "Shark Mania", in which the Shark Workshop , children learn the importance of sharks in the marine environment, and the "protection of sharks, refused to eat shark fin" concept deeply engraved in the hearts of the children; then the kids came to the artistic journey of the third leg of grass exhibition, visited the Korean artist Kang Hyung koo solo exhibition "soul", and live with the artist Kang Hyung koo an interactive exchange, the artist Kang Hyung koo only to answer the children's issues, but also about some of the stories take place in their own artistic road.