On the afternoon of January 20, 2015 , Dali sculpture collection donation ceremony held in the National Museum of China.

Chinese National Museum director Lu Zhangshen said at the collection ceremony, Hong Kong Qiaofu Group President Mr. Huang Jianhua is the National Museum of China Distinguished Fellow. Mr. Huang Jianhua for decades to carefully collect all kinds of works of art, especially a soft spot for Daly art, making him a rich collection of Dali sculpture. Mr. Huang Jianhua has been concerned about and support the cause of the National Museum, following the 2013 donation to the National Museum of China 2 Dali bronze sculpture "window of the Gallas" and "female key butler", they have donated a "dream of women and Two Dancers "(a group of three)," Smiling Horse Head "," Icarus "," Mercury "," Therese Corey "" Terry with the wing (Poseidon) " 8 works, showing his consistent patriotic feelings. These donations enriched the collection of foreign works of national museums, the Dalai Lama for the Chinese public, to understand the Spanish culture has facilitated.

George Wong said that through many years of collection, he realized that "the collection is the process, hoping to let everyone enjoy the art", he thanked the Chinese National Museum to accept his donation, "let more people see European art, let me warm.

Salvador Dali, a twentieth-century Spanishsurrealist painter, is an artist with extraordinary talent and imagination,making an important contribution to surrealism and art in the twentiethcentury, and to Picasso and Matisse 20th century, the most representativeartists. Dali participated in the surrealist movement in 1929. His ideas wereinfluenced by Freudian psychoanalytic theory, pursuing the images produced inthe subconscious mind, and adept at passing the subjective world of dreamsthrough the most straightforward, warm and even distorted, The performance ofan objective and exciting image, created a series of famous works, become themost famous surrealist artists.

National Museum of China will let the tenpieces of Dali’s sculpture on display in the Museum West Hall on the south sideof the public area, a public domain of the country a new bright spot.