The connection between art and life is an  eternal theme explored by the artists. Through the poetic and intriguing artistic praxis, the artists create magnificent and wonderful works to metaphorically represent the relationship between nature and humans.  In this week’s activity, we will focus on the natural elements in some of the works currently presented in the exhibition, with the aim to analyze the artists’ sensory perspectives and creative  techniques and to explore the existential chaos and irrationality behind these artworks. 

‘Blossoming flowers are cherished by everybody, but I am deeply in love with the soil under their feet and the stretching branches.’ Christian Lhopital colored butterfly wings show life’s brilliance and glory and they are set against a background of black and white chaotic organic and inorganic elements. The small, nearly transparent ghosts convey to the viewers curiosity and a sense of innocence. Per Dybvig’s monumental drawings do not display concrete and realistic natural elements. On the contrary, they present irrational forests and snow-mountains combined with beasts and lights that make his paintings magnificent while conveying to the viewers a sense of desolatation.

While Alois Mosbacher skillfully inserts human objects among vegetative elements, Juul Kraijer presents images of humans incorporated within the natural settings.

Intriguing Uncertainties aims to explore the instability  and the chaos that characterize our life. Through displaying the multifaceted chromatic combinations in the works, the exhibition also raises people’s awareness about the fact that there are no monolithic standards to conceive beauty. Most of the artists do not chose bright colors: they often present wilting or fading visual elements, which belong to our real life, but people often avoid to mention or to face. These elements truly exist and we are trying to find a more fascinating and intriguing perspective to look at them.

According to the exhibition theme, this art education activity is based on a selection of  plants and plain flowers that can illustrate the beauty of calmness and tranquility in a different way than flowers, leaves and brunches.  We will invite florists from FangCaoDi Floristry Store together with the participants to find  the inspiration through contemplating the  interaction of works and to experience the pleasure of creation through the combination of different kinds of flowers. We expect the participants to give artistic vitality and unique visual style to their works through innovative designs.



TIME: 10:30-12:00, 2019.6.23

VENUE: Roof Café (L10, D Tower, Parkviewgreen)

Eligibility: Teenager over 14 years old

Content: Bouquet making

Language: Chinese or English

The Parkview Museum Beijing will continuously hold art education events for children, please follow the official WeChat account 芳草地艺术 for more information.


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