The Parkview Museum is currently exhibiting THE ARTIST'S VOICE and the exhibition presents more than 40 artworks by 29 artists from 17 countries.  Through different artists’ visual art works, the exhibition focuses on the capacity and competence of contemporary art to transfer essential messages and existential revelations about life, truth, historical visions, ethical values, mythological metaphors, conscious and subconscious guidance, about basic constellations and elementary determinations, which create the singular, unique, unrepeatable, concrete and real complexity of each human beings in each concrete, real, singular situations.

Art Education Program for Children

Fun! Together with Museum — The Category of Visual Art

Summer is all about enjoying family fun time and experiencing different educational programs.  While The Parkview Museum is exhibiting THE ARTIST'S VOICE, it organizes a series of interesting summer Children’s Art Education programs.  The programs provide lots of various art contents and fabulous experiences. Two sessions of children’s education program PART 2: FUN! TOGETHER WITH MUSEUM - CATEGORY OF VISUAL ART have been successfully organized by the Parkview Museum on July 28th and August 11th targeted children from 9-11, the last session will be held on August 25th, we welcome parents to bring little children for a fun artistic time.

Under the guidance of The Parkview Museum art researchers, children will learn to recognize the category of visual art (such as painting, sculpture, installation art and photograph art), as well as the characteristics of classical and contemporary art through art works from the current exhibition THE ARTIST’S VOICE, in which forms these artists expressing attitudes and ‘voices’ through their creations.

How to Participate the Program?


· Category of Visual Art, Guidance of THE ARTIST'S VOICE and Artistic Thinking Workshop


Event Information

· Time: Saturday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, August 25th, 2018

· Venue: The Parkview Museum Beijing (L10, D Tower, Parkview Green FangCaoDi)

· Eligibility: Children from 9 to 11 years old (Must be accompanied by adults, 30 Spaces Only)

· Language: Chinese Only

To Register

Free admission, please make reservations in advanced by following these steps: 

1. Follow the The Parkview Museum official We chat account: 芳草地艺术

2. Send your information before 08:00 PM, 23th August (Thursday): The Parkview Museum Children's Art Program, contactor, the date you hope to join, phone number, email address and the age of your child or children

3. Stay tuned for phone call alert to confirm your reservation.