On Friday, 26 August, Parkview Green will once again host the evening event with an art salon event focusing on “Challenging Beauty: Insights of Italian Contemporary Art”, an exhibition which explores various aspects of culture, society, tradition, and the art of Italy.

The first part of this exhibition starts with Piemonte, Italiy’s northern region, featuring a cultural experience of art and fine wines in the area.

Part 1: Cultural Salon
Time: 18:30-19:00
Special guests:
- Park Songyi, Curator at Parkview Green Museum
- Alain Zhang, One Red Dot Fine Wines

- Arte Povera from North Italy

- Italian wines from Piemonte

* Free Tasting of Three Wines from Piemonte

(Limited to guests with reservations)

Part 2 The Night of Museum
Parkview Green Museum has extended its opening hours to 21:30 so busy art enthusiasts have the opportunity to browse through these fine artworks. (No reservation needed)

Parkview Green Museum is currently showing the exhibition “Challenging Beauty: Insights of Italian Contemporary Art”, a collection of artworks that highlight the complex and diverse facets of Italian arts in the 20th Century, particularly from the 1960’s onwards.

To participate:
1. Send a message “I want to attend the Evening at Parkview Green Museum event”+ your real name and telephone to our official WeChat page before 16:00 on 26 August.
2. A return message from us will confirm your reservation. The event is limited to 30 guests based only on the time of responses.
3. If you do not receive a message before 17:00 on 26 August, this means the event is full. There will not be any further notifications.

Parkview Green Museum

Daily 11:00-19:00 open to the public for free

L10 D Tower, Parkview Green

Last month, a large crowd gathered and enjoyed a beautiful night of music performance and a guided evening tour at Parkview Green Museum. Looking forward to see you tonight .