Recently, Parkview Green has organised a series of events in relation to the current exhibition “Challenging Beauty: Insights of Contemporary Italian Art”. On Saturday, 10 September, Parkview Green Museum has invited renowned Italian costume designer Simona Morresi to speak at the lecture on the evolution of Italian clothing.

Renowned Italian Costume Designer’s Lecture on the Roles of Royal Court, Theatre and Fashion in relation to the Evolution of Western Clothing”

Time: 10 September (Saturday) 15:00-17:00
Venue: Parkview Green Museum
Language: Italian with Chinese translation

To participate:
1. Send a message “I want to attend the Lecture at the Parkview Green Museum” + your real name and telephone to our official WeChat page before 17:00 on 9 September.
2. A message from us will confirm your reservation. The event is limited to 20 guests only based on the time of responses.
3. If you do not receive a message before 18:00 on 9 September, this means the event is full. There will not be any further notifications.

About the lecture:
The history of the theatre costumes in Europe originated in the Mediterranean basin with influences from the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Babylonians, up to the Roman Empire and the Byzantines. Throughout time, theatre and fashion influenced each other through time. The royal courts expressed their tastes, wealth and refinement through their attires. In theatre works, costumes are the manifestation of creative expressions which reached the peak in the Baroque era and continued on through the long history of Italian opera. The long traditions of costumes have led to development of tailoring techniques as well as the emergence of contemporary designers. Madam Simona Morresi will take us through time in discovering the journey of costume and fashion.

About the Lecturer:

Lecturer: Simona Morresi
Simona Morresi is an Italian costume designer who had studied at the Art Studio in Rome. Well established in the discipline of costume designing, she also teaches History of Costume at Accademia Italiana in Rome and Livorno. She has also provided training at various theatres, including the NCPA National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing.
Since the 1990’s, she started to work in designing costumes for theatre production in Italy as well as other theatres in other countries, including high profile directors.
In 2016, she was the Costume Designer for Opera Tannhäuser, directed by Pier’Alli and conducted by Lu Jia at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, China; in 2015, she was also the costume designer for Pier’ Alli’s production of Norma.
She is also active on the backstage in world famous theatres, including the Teatro Regio di Parma (Italy), Teatro Ponchielli (Cremona, Italy), Georgian National Opera Theatre (Tbilisi, Georgia), Teatro Municipal (Sao Paulo, Brazil), and Showa University of Music (Tokyo, Japan).