On January 2, 2016, the teacher of the children'seducation and training institution in the early morning of "Winery Yardand Lotus Pool" led the children to the gate of Parkview Green, and begana morning art tour. First of all, the staff  lead the children to visit the artist KangHyung Koo grass to tailor-made tailor-made up to six meters of the huge oilpainting "Kuan Kung", the children of this painting for the grandproduction and ultra-realistic degree of praise again and again; In the sharkworkshop, children learn the importance of sharks in the marine ecologicalenvironment, and make the concept of "protection of sharks, refuses to eatshark fin" deeply impressed by the concept of "shark workshop".The children went to the third leg of the art tour of Parkview Green Museum,visited the Korean artist Kang Hyung Koo 's solo exhibition "soul".Through the staff to explain, the children learned Kang Hyung Koo grandfatherexpressed the "soul", and said in his later paintings to focus on theperformance of human soul.

The public education activities of the childrennot only visited the artists creative, colorful works of art, more importantly,by visiting the exhibition, a more profound understanding of the importance ofprotecting sharks and artistic creation of diversity, and in the After theexhibition, art re-creation, the children under the guidance of the teacher,the use of their artistic expression techniques to create their own works ofart, the children have joined the team to protect the sharks,Parkview Greenmuseum will process a series of public education activities, continuousattention to children's growth and education.